Policies and procedures provide the foundation for any program of strategic importance to an organization. Consultia helps you develop information technology policies and procedures that will complement your overall business strategy and assist you in gaining and maintaining compliance with current legislation.

IT policies include statements regarding the proper use of computer equipment and software, segregation of duties, administration procedures, and published acceptable-use guidelines. Policies should clearly define the areas of responsibility for users, staff, administrators, and management and must be enforceable with security tools or sanctions. Procedures provide the methodology for ensuring standardized completion. Consultia believes that effective policies and procedures are concise and easy to follow, otherwise they serve no purpose for an organization.

Consultia works with you to develop policies and procedures that are based on industry best practices yet remain practical and well-suited to your organization’s business need and management style. Contact us today to discuss your policy and procedure development needs.

  • Complete Policy and Procedure Development Services

Consultia enjoys decades of experience in the development of robust policy and procedure. We will develop a custom set of policies and procedures that will aid in compliance, assist in overall security need and fill gaps within your organizational operations. Consultia will interview you and your organization to gather all of the information required to develop everything you need.

  • Your Current Policies… Our Complete Analysis and Refresh

If your organization already has an excising set of policies and procedures and you just want us to give them a look, we are happy to consult with you on any upgrades or updates.

  • Our Pre-compiled Policy and Procedure Sets

Some organizations may have less complex policy and procedure needs and environments. Our pre-compiled policy sets can be a cost-effective choice for meeting those needs. We have packaged our most common policies and procedures into sets that can be delivered within hours, not days. Please fill out our contact form and let us know what you are looking for and we will make it happen.